Quick Answer: What’S The Opposite Of Godly?

What’s the opposite of prophecy?

What is the opposite of prophecy?hindsightignorancepostmortemthoughtlessnessstupidity.

What is the opposite of monster?

monster. Antonyms: beauty, venus, adonis, narcissus, gem, pet, jewel, angel, augury, harbinger. Synonyms: prodigy, portent, marvel, deformity, abnormity, fright, colossus, monstrosity, leviathan, fiend, brute.

What is another word for prediction?

Some common synonyms of predict are forecast, foretell, prognosticate, and prophesy.

What is the opposite of demonic?

What is the opposite of demonic?angelicangelicalgodlybenevolentbenigndivineholyheavenlycelestialseraphic7 more rows

What is meant by prophecy?

A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by a deity. Such messages typically involve inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of divine will concerning the prophet’s social world and events to come (compare divine knowledge).

What’s another word for prophet?

In this page you can discover 59 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for prophet, like: seer, oracle, soothsayer, bard, prophetess, prognosticator, seeress, clairvoyant, ovate, nostradamus and astrologer.

What is the opposite of godly?

What is the opposite of godly?irreligiousantireligiousprofaneunbelievingirreverentnon-believingnon-theistichereticalheathenunrighteous44 more rows

What is the opposite of God fearing?

Antonyms of GOD-FEARING secular, irreligious.

What are some godly words?

other words for godlyangelic.celestial.charismatic.devout.divine.god-fearing.good.holy.

What is the opposite of Angel?

Antonym of AngelWordAntonymAngelDevilGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What does the word angelic mean?

Many kids look angelic, meaning sweet and cherubic, when they’re asleep. Or it can be used to describe someone or something that has the sweet and gentle qualities of an angel. … If a choir sounds angelic, it’s a normal choir of people but their voices are so pure and beautiful that they sound like angels.

Who is a godly man?

Godly man meaning: While the collins dictionary states that “A godly person is someone who is deeply religious and shows obedience to the rules of their religion.”. We know that there is much more to being godly or god-seeking than that.

How do you describe a godly woman?

25 Core Characteristics of a Godly Woman#1 A Godly Woman Fears the Lord. … #2 She Speaks and Behaves Wisely. … #3 She Helps to Guide Younger Women into Godliness Themselves. … #4 She Submits to Her Husband in Christian Marriage. … #5 She Maintains a Witness for God in Her Marriage. … #6 She Does Not Behave Foolishly, and so Protects Her Household.More items…•

What is better than godly?

Godly Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for godly?religiousdevoutGod-fearingprayerfulreverentrighteoussaintedchurchgoinggod-fearinggood120 more rows

How do I live a godly life?

Here are three great ways to live a Godly life. Hebrews 11: 6 says, “ And without faith, it is impossible to please God because anyone who approaches Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” Having faith is the first thing you need to do as a Christian.